About Dosterras

Dosterras represents the new generations of winegrowers and winemakers united in commitment, risk and cooperation. We are unrepentant winemakers and we like to experiment, with the clear objective of obtaining the best wines in each harvest. We love the diversity of our vineyards, where almost century-old vines coexist with younger ones.

We’d like you to find out more about us.

The birth of a winery

  • Birth of the Dosterras vision

    Dosterras is the realisation of a dream that began in 2013 when Fernando Grajales and his family discovered the beauty and potential of the Montsant region. At just 26 years old, Fernando saw the opportunity to produce exceptional wines in this unique terroir and acquired ancient vineyards to bring this vision to life.

  • Birth of the Dosterras winery

    To help him achieve this goal, Fernando assembled a young, ambitious team that shared his passion and philosophy for making wine. Together with the talented winemaker Noemí Javierre, they began producing exceptional wines that were true expressions of the Montsant region. The result was the birth of Dosterras, a winery that has since become a benchmark for excellence in wine-making.

  • New Dosterras facilities

    In 2019, the project took on a new dimension with the construction of a new winery. This was a significant milestone for the team as they finally had a place to call home. This new space is a testament to the dedication and hard work that has gone into the Dosterras project and serves as an invitation for everyone to come and share a glass of wine, toasting the good times that life affords us.

Our winery

We listen to the earth

Here at Dosterras, we believe that making great wines is a process that begins with respect for the fruit of the vine. That’s why we meticulously hand-harvest and carefully select only the best grapes for our wines.


Our pressing process is slow and gentle, using gravity to separate and vinify by grape variety and vineyard, preserving their unique identities. We strive to minimise handling of the grapes, allowing them to ferment naturally. To ensure that each wine expresses its full potential, we use a variety of tanks, including stainless steel tanks and oak barrels of different volumes and origins, all carefully selected to complement the profile of the wine.


Our ageing process is patient and deliberate, with minimal intervention. We limit wine transfers to allow each wine to develop and mature at its own pace, achieving perfect balance and expressing its unique character.


We listen to the earth and respect its rhythms

Here at Dosterras, we believe that great wines are born from special vineyards that reflect the unique character of each estate. That’s why we take a careful approach to selecting the perfect vineyards for our wines. We look for vineyards that can transmit and capture the essence of the terroir and the Mediterranean lifestyle.


Our wine-making philosophy focuses on small batch vinifications that speak to the area, the harvest and the people who produce them. We believe that the key to producing exceptional wines is working closely with the land and the grapes, treating each harvest as a unique opportunity to create something truly special.


Each of our wines is made with care and attention to detail, from selecting the perfect grapes to ageing the wines under perfect conditions. We pride ourselves on producing wines which are true expressions of the Montsant region and which transport you to a unique place with every sip.




Cavernet sauvignon